Orden de San Juan de Dios


Creating a team with the people of Táctica Studio, we worked on the creation of a website for the Order of San Juan de Dios Spain, a non-profit Catholic hospital organisation with more than 500 years of uninterrupted operation.

The objective of this project was to create a unique space for unify the three historical regions of Spain in a single region.

The greatest complexity, apart of the upgarde in a visual level, was to work with a large volume of content. In this sense, we decided to define a system of stackable and interchangeable modules and patterns, that would allow us to quickly compose pages based on the needs of Communication Department.

Patterns & Block Modulation

All entire site has been worked using a modular editorial structure that allow to the client to be able to edit the site, without affecting the formal and brand consistency of the web.


NGO Hermano Juan


Simultaneously, I work on the redesign of another website of the Order, the website of the NGO of Sant Juan de Dios, – Hermano Juan– inside projects section. I developed a custom plugin were geolocate all NGO projects on Google maps, to explain to users the work has doing on every location.