Web of satirical publication “El Jueves”


Art direction
Carla Molins & Paladini Digital Projects
Graphic design
Manuel Cuyàs & Daniel Paladini
Daniel Paladini & Raul Bellette

Hand by hand with RBA team, we have worked throughout the redesign of the old site of the satirical weekly magazine “El Jueves” [The Thursday]. The magazine that comes to street distribution on Wednesday |;-)

We worked on all modulation of the content, in adaptive graphic design and developed frontend code to formalice layout templates.

This projects was really exigent for us for the peculiarity of the magazine. From the beginning of the project our client put the focus on the importance of not lose the magazine disordered personality and the sensation of freewill… but at the same time, we had to work all the modulation of the magazine. We’re really happy with the result.