Daniel Paladini

UX, designer and frontend

Bachelor of Fine Arts by Barcelona University, course one year in Massart (Boston). Qualified with two master’s degree: Design and Direction of Internet Projects and a Master in Design and Communication in Elisava University.

He has extensive experience in the creation and management of digital publishing projects. Thanks to a mixed profile, he can work on user experience, graphic design and layout and implementation of web pages.
He has worked for numerous clients, highlighting El Periódico de Catalunya and the international study of editorial design, Cases i Associats.

Currently share his professional work with teaching and researching in digital editorial design at a Elisava, BAU and Eina universities.

Manuel Cuyàs

Senior designer

Graduated at Elisava school in Barcelona, he started his career in the study of Andreu Ballius, a reference typographer in Spain. Next he works on Actar editorial and then in the international study of editorial design, Cases i Associats. There he developes a solid career as an editorial designer in international importance projects, especially in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Specializated in everything related to the graph: books, newspapers, posters, brochures, branding, signaling, etc.

Raúl Bellete

Computer engineer

Degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. With 14 years of experience working in el Periódico de Catalunya, decided to start his solo career.

His collaboration with Paladini Digital Projects is continuous and fully retroactive in multiple projects, both in terms of programming and web layout.

Great person and extraordinary guitarist

Friends who have worked in the studio:

Núria Sabán Prats – Web designer
Cèlia Marín – COAC project colaboration
Berta Roses – Astagiaire
Eduard Vidiella – Astagiaire
Mar Isern – Astagiaire

If you want to be astagiaire in our study. Please contact us.

What do we do

UX Strategy

Our projects start and finish in users. We define objectives and strategies based on users needs. If the Project doesn’t work, We re-define news objectives and re-start until works.


Without an innovative, powerful and direct image we do not exist. Our projects dressed in costumes made entirely as to enhance the experience of our users and to highlight.

Front-end development

We work for conserve the graphic design in the implementation process. We encode the design defining a practical styles system. We want see grow our projects conserving their identity.


It is very rewarding teach and meet the designer of the future. This task forces us to keep up to date and expectantly. Currently we collaborate with the University Elisava in Barcelona teaching in editorial design clases.

Contact us

Via Laietana, 46, 1er 1era.

+34 670 024 902


Happy to live nd work in Barcelona
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