Daniel Paladini

UX, designer and frontend

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (specialization in drawing), and I took one of the courses in Boston (USA), at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, working in analog and Digital Photography.
When I finished my degree, I worked collaborating on different projects as a freelancer, until I started working at El Periódico de Catalunya as a web page designer. During this period, he participated in the redesign and layout of numerous digital headers of Grupo Zeta.

Looking forward for new challenges, I started working at the prestigious editorial design studio Cases i Associats, always without leaving the digital field, and I participated in numerous editorial projects redesigns around the world. Depending on the project, I worked as a layout artist, designer, project manager or visual designer. It was intense and demanding work, but I learned a lot.

Finally, with the birth of my first daughter, I decide to take a break along the way to be able to study the Postgraduate course in design and project management for the Internet at the Elisava University School to be able to label/frame all my practical training.
In parallel, I founded my own editorial design studio. I’m focused in website design and the creation of large-scale editorial projects. I could work on all fields of a project, visual design, artistic direction, programming, frontend development, animations and microinteractions.

Currently, I combine my designer work teaching at the Elisava school in the subject of editorial design for the screen. I also participate as a member of the Elisava Alumni board and I am a Final Grades tutor.
I am applying for a part-time Ph.D. to try to answer the research question –“How does coding affect the design and definition of visual systems”–.

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Friends who have worked in the studio:

Berta Roses – Designer
Raul Belete – Programmer
ManuelCuyàs – Designer
Núria Sabán Prats – Web designer
Cèlia Marín – COAC project colaboration
Berta Roses – Astagiaire
Eduard Vidiella – Astagiaire
Mar Isern – Astagiaire

If you want to be astagiaire in our study. Please contact us.

What I do

UX Strategy

Our projects start and finish in users. We define objectives and strategies based on users needs. If the Project doesn’t work, We re-define news objectives and re-start until works.


Without an innovative, powerful and direct image we do not exist. Our projects dressed in costumes made entirely as to enhance the experience of our users and to highlight.

Front-end development

We work for conserve the graphic design in the implementation process. We encode the design defining a practical styles system. We want see grow our projects conserving their identity.


It is very rewarding teach and meet the designer of the future. This task forces us to keep up to date and expectantly. Currently we collaborate with the University Elisava in Barcelona teaching in editorial design clases.

Contact me

Via Laietana, 46, 1er 1era.

+34 670 024 902


Happy to live nd work in Barcelona
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